Studio classes are 1 hour in length and $10/person, private lessons are 1 hour in length and $65/1-2 people, payable in cash, check, or PayPal (+5% processing fee).  Discounts available for pre-paid monthly packages.  All regular studio classes are progressive, you must attend all classes in a session in order to graduate to the next level class.  Instructor approval required for walk-ins after the first scheduled class of a session.

Salsa 1

This is an introductory level class covering the basic fundamentals of Salsa, no experience required, prerequisite to all other classes.  All students regardless of prior experience start in this class.  Any student wishing to challenge this class and move into a higher level class must schedule a private lesson to demonstrate a solid understanding of all Salsa I material for both leads and follows (5 Points of Posture & Frame, In-Place 8 Count Basic, Forward Breaks, Back Breaks, Side Breaks, Cross-Over Breaks, Cumbias, Right Turns, Left Turns, and Cross Body Leads).  This class is a 6 week session, students are expected to practice 1-2 hours/week outside of class.

Salsa 1.5

This class introduces students to basic Salsa musicality covering core rhymns such as Son Clave and Tumbao.  Moving beyond simply counting the tempo of Salsa, a solid grasp of the core rhymns in Afro-Caribbean music allows students to interact with music in their dancing and leads to a fuller appreciation of the depth and complexity of Salsa Music, as well as the true nature of lead and follow concepts.

Salsa 2

This class moves from the Salsa I intro level into more advanced beginning techniques including basic step variations, framing, connection, double turns, spinning, and slot management.  Students wishing to join this class must have completed a Salsa 1 session in the last year and are strongly encouraged to continue attending Salsa 1 classes along with regular private lessons.  This class is a 6 week session, students are expected to practice 2-3 hours/week outside of class.

Salsa 2.5

This capstone style class is taught at an advanced beginning level, approaching intermediate level material, focusing on footwork/shines in conjunction with a clear interpretation of musicality.  This class is by invitation only; no level 1 material is reviewed in this class.

Performance Group

This is an advanced beginning/intermediate level class, focusing on footwork and performance material in choreography.  This class is by invitation only, students are assumed to have made a real committment to dancing Salsa, must be actively attending other Salsa classes and private lessons, and are expected to practice 3-4 hours/week outside of class.

Casino Rueda 1

Cuban Salsa danced in a "wheel", possibly the most fun to be had dancing Salsa, previous attendance of Salsa 1 or equivalent private instruction required.  This class focuses on Casino basic steps, wheel awareness, lead and follow connection, and base calls.  Students are expected to practice 1-2 hours/week outside of class.

Casino Rueda 2

This class continues from Casino Rueda 1 into more complex calls.  Students must have completed Salsa 1, Salsa 1.5, and Casino Rueda 1 sessions within the last year.  No basic steps or calls are reviewed in this class.  Students are expected to practice 2-3 hours/week outside of class.